We’re here to answer all of your questions so you can have an easy experience ordering fresh lunches for your kids.


Where do I find my “School CODE”?

Please contact you school for this code or email us at: hello@atlantalunch.com, include the name of your child’s school and we will provide you with the code.

Do I have to order every day or for any specific period of time?

We do not have any restrictions on how often you order – this is entirely your decision. 

Do I have to order a meal, or can I order Extras to go with a lunch from home?

You do not have to order a meal - order snacks, fruit, drinks or a treat for your child and we will deliver them with the lunches.

What are the ordering deadlines?

Order before 8am the day before the lunch and you will have the option to order any Entrée on the menu. Order by 8am on the day of the lunch for a Rush Lunch, the options for Rush Lunches are limited and a service charge is applied. 

Can I Cancel a meal if I do not need it or if my child is sick?

You can cancel a meal up until 8am the day before the lunch, simply click on the order and hit cancel. 

Can I Change or Edit a meal that I have ordered?

You can make changes to your meal choices up until 8am the day before the lunch. Unfortunately, we are unable to modify entrees for specific orders.

Do you serve nuts?

We do not use nuts in any of our ingredients, however we share a kitchen and although we follow strict sanitation codes, there is the potential for cross contamination.

What if my child has a food allergy?

We disclose all recipe ingredients - please read the ingredients to make sure that they do not include your child’s allergens. Our Kitchen Manager will be happy to discuss recipe ingredients with you. Email us at: hello@atlantalunch.com or call 678 390 2666. Our goal is to keep all children safe and we strongly advise parents of children with severe allergies not to order from us. 

What is included with the Meal and how do I know what the sides are?

A Meal includes an Entrée, 2 chef choice sides (Fresh Fruit, Fresh Veggies and/or Packaged Snack) and the condiments that come with the Meal. The plan for the weekly sides is published in the Friday email. 

What size Meal should I order for my child?

We recommend you order Small for Preschool age children, Regular for K through 5th grade and Large for older students or students who are active.


If you have any questions, please reach out to us:

(678) 390-2666